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Have a question?  Want to know about new flavours and products? Drop me a line and I’ll get back to you right away…unless I’m busy making chocolate, of course.

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COCO Crafted Organic Chocolates
365 Jane Street (just South of Annette)
Toronto, ON

3 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • Hi Jenny,
      Yes we have lots of dairy-free options. Any of our dark/xdark is dairy free, there are usually a couple of dairy free truffles, at least one ice cream and hot chocolate all that you can enjoy.


  1. Hi there, I came in this weekend and bought some pumpkins ice cream and chocolate. The pumpkin ice cream was a real hit. I will be making some ghost pretzels for Halloween for my toddler’s nursery school. Toddlers don’t care about good quality white chocolate but I do. Do you sell white chocolate that melts well? If not, could you recommend a brand that does? Thank you. Yordest


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