Contact Us

Have a question?  Want to know about new flavours and products? Drop me a line and I’ll get back to you right away…unless I’m busy making chocolate, of course.

If you are emailing an order, please include your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS and whether or not you want MILK, DARK, XDARK, or WHITE IF they are options.  We are very new to this and trying to get it right 🙂

Email COCO

365 Jane Street (just South of Annette)
Toronto, ON

6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Social distancing during a pandemic? A real drag. Social distancing during a pandemic with a good stash of COCO Chocolates? Much, much less of a drag.

    Thank you, Deborah!



    • Hi Jenny,
      Yes we have lots of dairy-free options. Any of our dark/xdark is dairy free, there are usually a couple of dairy free truffles, at least one ice cream and hot chocolate all that you can enjoy.


  2. Hi there, I came in this weekend and bought some pumpkins ice cream and chocolate. The pumpkin ice cream was a real hit. I will be making some ghost pretzels for Halloween for my toddler’s nursery school. Toddlers don’t care about good quality white chocolate but I do. Do you sell white chocolate that melts well? If not, could you recommend a brand that does? Thank you. Yordest


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