Creativity  is key here at COCO Crafted Organic Chocolates where all of our delicious chocolate is both certified organic and fair trade. Everything is freshly made in small batches using only the best organic ingredients available. Our chocolate has a high cacao content : Milk 41%, Dark 56% and Dark 70%, delicious cacao butter and real vanilla. All of our chocolate is gluten free and all dark chocolate is vegan.

Each piece of chocolate is a hand made bits of bliss just waiting to lift your mood or bring a smile to the lucky recipient. Our ever popular Sweet & Salty Walnuts are glistening roasted nuts coated with the perfect blend of sweet and salty and dipped in luscious dark chocolate. Hard to eat just one!  Golden Sponge Toffee is drenched in our creamy milk chocolate and has a pretty big fan club!   There’s also homemade Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate (in season) and so many other things.  Our selection changes often, and although we may not always have your favourite on hand, chances are that you’ll find something else that could become your new favourite!

Come for a visit, relax and listen to some vinyl being spun on the stereo, enjoy some chocolate and add some joy to your day.   See you at COCO!

All of COCO’s chocolates are organic and made fresh in small batches. We also do custom chocolate work, so if you have an event that you’d like something created for, contact us and we’ll make a treat your guests are sure to remember.

18 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello. My nephew has celiac and cannot have gluten. Is your ice cream gluten free? And do u offer gluten free cones by chance? Thank you


    • Yes we certainly do. I’ll be posting photos hopefully today or tomorrow and will add a new VALENTINES menu item. Also on Valentines day we prepare fresh chocolate mousse in chocolate cups and hand dipped chocolate strawberries.


  2. Hi,

    I’d like to thank you for spoiling supermarket ice cream for us forever. We bought a couple of cones on Saturday and we will never be the same. So, thanks I think… Just delicious.


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