COCO for your skin!


In case you’re not getting enough chocolate in your diet, now you can put it on your skin too – just so you’ve covered all angles!

Some of you may remember our Christmas Craft Shows and one of our vendors,  Hiroko, with her handmade hats, soaps and skincare.  Well, the talented Hiroko has created a line of COCO skincare for us!  Two lip balms that are a treat to wear – in Classic COCO or Mint COCO.  And her decadent MOUSSE – an indulgent cream for your face, it’s so rich, but feels light and is superbly moisturizing.  Of course, it also has our cocoa in it so the smell is wonderful too.  In COCO Orange Blossom or COCO Rose.

For Valentines, pairs nicely with chocolate.  And a bottle of wine.  And a handmade card. And a vacation.  And….oh, I could go on and on…

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