Easter 2020

Hey all!

If you are emailing an order, please include your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS and whether or not you want MILK, DARK, XDARK, or WHITE IF they are options.  We are very new to this and trying to get it right 🙂

We WILL have to make a cutoff for orders, but not sure when, so order sooner than later!




Easter will be different this year for sure.  But, everyone needs a bit of normal, and we will have some things, just not as extensive as usual.  Please send an email , with your order, your phone number and address and we will take care of the rest!

Stay home, stay well, help us all beat this post-haste!


  • Adorable Floppy-eared Bunnies Available in Milk, Dark and XDark $15
  • Solid Traditional Bunnies Available in Milk, Dark, XDark and White $11.50


  • Dino Eggs Large flat milk chocolate egg scattered with smaller rice crispy milk chocolate eggs $16
  • Caramel Crispy Eggs : Two chocolate eggs with a layer of caramel on top of rice crisps smothered in chocolate. Available in Dark or Milk $6.50
  • Double Egged – $8.50
    • Milk Chocolate Hollow Egg with a caramel filled egg hidden inside
    • Dark Chocolate Hollow Egg with a salted caramel filled egg hidden inside
  • Easter Scene Eggs – A pair of eggs with two different easter-themed scenes
    • Available in Milk, Dark, XDark and White $5.75
  • Peppermint Eggs Our popular peppermint patty all dressed up for Easter $9.50
  • Marshmallow Eggs Handmade Marshmallow egg covered in Milk or Dark Chocolate $4.50
  • Foil Wrapped Easter Egg Hunt Eggs Classic foil wrapped eggs for the traditional egg hunt $15/dozen Available in White, Dark and Milk


  • Easter Lollies $3.00
  • Easter Egg Lollies $3.50


  • Spring Frogs – A trio of frogs filled with whipped milk chocolate caramel $10

PLUS our regular stuff 

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