BookThugs and TroubadourSlaves February 20th, 7pm to 10pm


On Thursday February 20th, BookThug Poets Ralph Kolewe and William Kemp will be joined by Jay MillAr, JP Merzetti, Kayt Lucas, Michael Menegon and many other poets and singer/songwriters as we open up the stage for all comers.  More artists to be named as they confirm.

Doors open at 6:30 for those that want the best seats (there are no bad seats but being popular usually makes for limited seating).  The show usually runs from  7pm to 10pm with a break or two .

Once everyone has performed their work we end the evening with an improvised poem and soundskape, inviting anyone from the audience to read their work to accompanied soundscapes of percussion, guitar or whatever tickles the fancy.

Enjoy the intimate evening with fresh hot chocolate, pour-over coffee, delicious chocolates and baked goods by COCO chocolatier Deborah Torr.


Ralph Kolewe:

R. Kolewe was born in Montreal. Educated in physics and engineering at the University of Toronto, he pursued a successful career in the software industry for many years, while living in a picturesque village in southwestern Ontario. Always a reader, he began to devote his time to writing not long after returning to Toronto in 2007. His work has appeared online at ditch, e-ratio, and The Puritan, and he has been associated with the online magazine of Canadian poetics, He also takes photographs. His debut poetry collection Afterletters is forthcoming this fall from BookThug.


William Kemp:

William Kemp, a self-described “Ginsberg-lite” and “puppy, kitten, and Oxford comma enthusiast,” is a beat-inspired poet whose long, scrawling lines and cynically impassioned stage presence are not just reminiscent of his inspirations, but a reincarnation of them. He is the co-founder of words (on) pages, which creates, edits, and binds fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Through this literary adventure with words (on) pages, William has published his first chapbook, But You Are Poetryer Than Me.

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