Baby it was HOT in here!

Saturday, Nov 18 was the “Baby It’s Cold Outside” inaugural event for the Baby Point BIA and we were so pleased to participate.  We had some stellar entertainment – a packed house for the Annette Street Choir and musicians Michael Menegon, Kayt Lucas, Frank Prather and Will treated guests to a day of inspiring music to accompany their chocolate experience.  Lots of art afficionados came by to check out the AG Menegon collection (pictured below) and we had the pleasure of meeting so many people in the neighbourhood.  It was only afterwards, that I realized I forgot to tell anyone about the Santa Letters (parent-composed letter from the big guy that are placed inside hollow santas to help your little ones enjoy the magic a little longer), but there were so many people it was non-stop just keeping up.  Will be posting pictures later of all the folks enjoying the day.  Thanks to everyone who participated, the BIA for organizing the event and of course, all of you for supporting it.  Hope to see you all again and again.

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